, a highly specialized Salesforce Recruiting company launches in Florida - focused on US Market

sailteam's platform is designed to assist companies with Salesforce roles that require extremely high-level sourcing

Orlando, FL - In May of 2015 a boutique recruiting company within the world of Salesforce was born. It's founder, Brandon Kievit has been keeping a close eye on the demand and supply levels of Salesforce talent over the past few years.  With the explosion of growth Salesforce has been experiencing both from a marketshare perspective and range of different product releases, sailteam believes that end-users of Salesforce are going to build teams in-house that are capable of much more than administrative work, customization and implementations. Specifically, they predict that businesses who choose to invest in the worlds #1 CRM will seek very high-end talent capable of integrating Salesforce with multiple other systems including ERP, HR, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Business Intelligence and probably the biggest push in demand coming in the Mobile space.  The team at did not disclose much information about the work they are doing or how their platform works, but did mention they have begun working with companies throughout the U.S. who have a need to build high-end internal teams for systems integrations, app development and native mobile development.